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What IS SB Open Streets ¡Calles Vivas! ?

Inspired by the weekly Ciclovía events in Bogotá, Colombia (established over 30 years ago), Santa Barbara Open Streets is a celebration that temporarily opens a stretch of city roads to all community members.  Free to the public, it creates a temporary recreation and activity space, turning our roads into a park–free of motorized traffic–bringing our ‘streets alive’ (Calles Vivas)!

Is SB Open Streets a race?

The streets in SB Open Streets operate as a recreational platform allowing participants to enjoy the space as they see fit and at their own pace and opt into trying activities along the 2 mile route. Though SB Open Streets itself is not a race, we have a animal costumed themed “Run Wild 5K’  that runs through the SB Zoo and part of the SB Open Streets route as one of the over 100 activities offered during the event. Learn more about the activities at SB Open Streets by going to www.sbopenstreets.org/participate or to learn more about the Run Wild 5 K here http://sbopenstreets.org/run-wild-5k/

Is this a fundraising event?

SB Open Streets is free to participate for the entire community but we do have elements that act as a fundraiser i.e: (the Run Wild 5 K) in order to cover costs of the event. We are fiscally sponsored by the non profit – Santa Barbara Bicycle Coalition (SBBIKE) and accept sponsorships and donations to be able to put on the event. If you would like to contribute, visit our Donate page.

Where will the SB Open Streets route be located?

This year’s SB Open Streets route will follow Cabrillo Boulevard from the Andrée Clark Bird Refuge (at Los Patos Way) to Anacapa Street.  See our route map for details.  Future events may follow a different route.

What’s the best way to enjoy SB Open Streets?

SB Open Streets stretches nearly 2.5 miles with lots of activities, music, art and performances to explore.  Bicycling is the best way to get the most out of SBOS, from one end to the other, and all Activity Zones in between!  For those who live locally, we also encourage you to ride your bikes to/from SB Open Streets to avoid the hassles of parking and traffic.

Will skateboards be allowed along the route?  What about strollers and pets?

Yes!  Along with skates, rollerblades, scooters, trikes, unicycles, pogo sticks, etc. …basically anything without a motor.  Definitely strollers (how would the babies partake without them?).  And dogs on a leash are also welcomed (but please remember to bring your ‘mutt mits’ to clean up after them)!

Can I enjoy Santa Barbara Open Streets if I don’t ride a bike?

Of course!  This is an all-forms-of-movement event!  While we suggest biking or rolling if possible in order to enjoy the entire event route, walking, skipping, running, dog walking, hula-hooping, music-making, frisbee throwing, picnicking and street performing are all great alternatives.

Will the SB Open Streets route be handicap-accessible?

Yes!  With no starting point, individuals in wheelchairs, electric scooters, walkers or crutches can enter anywhere.  There are no inclines along the route’s 2.2 miles, so it’s all smooth sailing!  We encourage you to arrive early.  Whether you arrive via car, public transit or parachute (huh?), arriving early is the way to go (the route won’t yet be in full swing and you’ll have first dibs on the Open Streets)!  If you arrive by car, you should be able to find street parking close to the route if you arrive close to the 10:00AM start time.  Note that there will be traffic officers at intersections where streets are closed.  Let the officer know that you’re dropping off, and they’ll wave you through.

Which direction will the SB Open Streets route flow?

Both ways, similar to the “normal” flow of traffic.  You can begin and end anywhere you like along the route (but we suggest you enjoy it all).

When will the SB Open Streets route be closed to motorized traffic and when will it re-open?

Streets along the route will begin closure around 9:00AM the day of the event.  At 4:00PM, the roads begin re-opening to cars and are fully open by approximately 4:30PM.

Will there be any cross-traffic along the route?

Yes.  Two controlled intersections will allow cars and motorcycles to cross into designated parking areas, but not to turn onto the event route.  Participants will be required to stop and yield to crossing traffic as instructed by police or route monitors.  See our route map for controlled crossing locations.

What if my home or business is along the SB Open Streets route?

Then you’re already there…just step out your door and have fun!  But please be aware that there will be parking restrictions in effect along the route.  Cars will not be allowed back on these streets until approximately 4:00PM on event day.  Additionally, all driveways along the route will be blocked from approximately 9:00AM – 4:00PM, so please make plans for alternative parking if you will need to drive.

Will there be restrooms along the event route?

Yes.  There will be portable toilets, including ADA accessible ones, at the activity hubs along the route.  There are also public restrooms at Sterns Wharf, Chase Palm Park and at East Beach Grill at the Cabrillo Arts Pavillion.

Where can I find water along the event route?

There will be hydration stations at each activity zone along the route and at spots in between.  There are also public water fountains at Sterns Wharf, Chase Palm Park and at East Beach Grill at the Cabrillo Arts Pavillion.  We encourage all participants to bring their own water bottle to refill as needed.

Will food be available along the event route?

Thanks to our partners at the SOL Food Festival and Cultivate Events, local, healthy food will be available for purchase at various locations, as well as at local restaurants.

Can I smoke or drink alcoholic beverages along the event route?

No open alcoholic beverage containers are permitted along the route, and we appreciate your help in keeping the SB Open Streets route a smoke-free event for all.

Where can I park for the event?

While we do encourage participants to walk, bike or use public transit to get to SB Open Streets, public parking will be available at several locations throughout the downtown area and near the event route.  Three hourly-fee parking lots close to the route will be accessible via controlled crossing points.  See our route map for details, as well as our ‘Getting To SB Open Streets’ webpage.

I plan on taking Amtrak to Santa Barbara for the event.  How do I get to SB Open Streets from the station?

Kudos to you for taking the rails!  When you leave the train station, take a right onto State Street…go just two blocks to Cabrillo Boulevard and you’re almost there!  The SB Open Streets route will be on your left just two blocks down at Anacapa Street.  Amtrak also permits passengers to bring their bikes on the train (though advanced bike reservations are required).  Visit Amtrak’s site for details.  Also check out our ‘Getting To SB Open Streets’ page for more info.

Where can I rent a bike to ride in SB Open Streets?

While bicycle riding is certainly not required, here are some local bike rental providers.  Call ahead and pay for your reservation in advance if you can…these rentals may sell out.

»Wheel Fun Rentals:   22 State St. or 23 E. Cabrillo Blvd.  (no reservations accepted here).
»Velo Pro Cyclery:       633 State Street.
»Open Air Bicycles:     1903 State Street.

I want to help and be a part of the SB Open Streets team on or before event day.  How can I volunteer?

We’ll be looking for volunteers to help with event organization, monitoring the route, facilitating activities and performances, and other roles.  Visit our ‘Volunteer‘ page to sign up!

I want to be an activity provider or performer, or set up an information booth at SB Open Streets.  How can I sign up?

If you or your organization have the means to offer a fun, movement-oriented individual or group activity, a spectator performance, or an interactive/informative booth along the event route, we want to hear from you!  Visit our Activity Provider Application page for details and to sign up!

Who is organizing SB Open Streets and what is its tax status?

SB Open Streets ¡Calles Vivas! is fiscally sponsored by the Santa Barbara Bicycle Coalition (SBBIKE)
and coordinated by Global Good Impact Projects with marketing support from Traffic Solutions.

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