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You can reach our SB Open Streets Coordinator, Robin Elander, at (805)216-1223, or via E-Mail at RobinSBOpenStreets@gmail.com.

We have a great and growing team!
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 SB Open Streets 2015 Activity Contacts:


Andrea Opher – SB Open Streets Activities & Outreach Assistant – andreaopher@gmail.com805-637-4187

Jialu – SB Open Streets Dance Group Coordinator, xujialu.213@gmail.com

Christian Adams, Yoga & Rejuvenate Zone Managermarinelayer@pacific-ocean.com805-252-9027

Katie Hershfelt, Food Vendor Coordination/ Cultivate Events katiehershfelt@gmail.com805-687-2716

Coach Zack BertgesSB Open Streets Run Wild 5K Coordinator, zackbertges@gmail.com, 453-4766

Sat Siret, Volunteer Coordinator/ 805-455-8637sat@sbhustlers.org

Robin Elander – SB Open Streets Coordinator Sponsorship, Partnership development and overall coordination, robinsbopenstreets@gmail.com805-216-1223

Joey J.  SB Open Streets Bike Shop Liaison — joey@sbbike.org,  347-563-6444

Kent Epperson, Director Traffic Solutions – Marketing & Partnership Development, kepperson@sbcag.org

General Info – sbopenstreetsinfo@gmail.com

Thanks for getting in touch!


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