Help us Activate 1.25 miles of Carpinteria Streets on April 1st!


We are seeking activities for activity hubs along 8th Street 9th street and Linden Ave.

Sign up as an activity provider and get the community active!


Priority Deadline: February 10!

Download the Participant Information Guide

Activity Provider Application


Contact Name





Zip Code

Describe your proposed activity and special needs.
- for organizers to understand your plan and find the right placement along the route

Activity/Class/Performance Description
- for marketing purposes (2 sentences max)

Proposed Activity Time:
(Subject to change)

Choose a donation level for your sponsorship: Click here for sponsorship details...

Finalize your application by making your application payment on this http://bicicentro.org/donate page,

Fill out the info and clicking on SB Open Streets in the options and indicating which option in the comments section - in comments section.

Non Profit Standard Rate - $50

For Profit Standard Rate - $100 or

Bronze Level Sponsor Activity Provider Upgrade - $150

Thanks for making sure you go through this final step in the application!

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